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“DAOSquare Incubator is an open marketplace where people build and invest in global Venture DAOs easily and safely.”

Build your own, Invest you like

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Build DAOs by Clicks

A building tool simplifying Venture DAO’s initiation and operation into clicking buttons.

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Invest in DAOs like Shopping

The one-stop marketplace to find and invest in various Venture DAOs around the globe.


A Crypto Native Solution for Venture Capital

We aim to promote decentralized investments to reduce inequality across the world’s traditional financial system.
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Focus on Venture DAO

Specialized operating system and vertical marketplace for Venture DAOs with well-designed crypto native functions
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Based on Trustless Protocol

Decentralized on-chain infrastructure to make investments in a trustless way based on the on-chain protocol.
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Automated Fund Operation

Automate fund operation through setting,  proposal and voting. Preset reward,  fee, carry, token allocation.
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Executable Investment

Escrow, NFT Receipt and Vesting functions enables investment to be executed like Cash on Delivery, secured by smart contract.
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Various Modes

3 Different operating modes of Venture DAOs were designed to cover the mainstream decentralized investment styles.
  • Vintage
  • Collective
  • Flex

Escrow Function

Payback tokens can be deposited in advance and will be automatically allocated to investors after the proposal is approved based on the smart contract.

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Vesting Function

Investors can claim tokens based on a pre-determined vesting schedule set up by token issuers or proposers.

NFT Receipt Function

Investors can get NFT as investment receipts and claim tokens when invested projects are ready to distribute payback tokens post-investment.

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Choose Yours


Which mode of Venture DAO is best for you? Here is a comparison.
Mode Description
Investors deposit money into DAO to delegate Governors to manage. Governors are responsible for identifying investment opportunities and making investment decisions.
A group of people pool their money to invest together. All Members generally study different investments and then make investment decisions together.
Members research and select investments together, but they invest individually deal by deal instead of pooling their money.
Similar Structure in Traditional Finance
VC Fund with GP +LP structure
Investment Club
Deal Syndicate
Governor, Investor
Governor, Investor
Decision Maker for Investment
All Members
Decision Maker for DAO maintenance
All Members
Fund Type
Blind Pool
Blind Pool
Deal by Deal
Fund Term
Long (Fixed)
Medium (Flexible)
Short (No Term)
Investor Decision Making Willingness & Ability
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