RICE is the token that powers the DAOSquare ecosystem. As a utility token, not only can you buy or sell RICE like any other cryptocurrency, but RICE comes with a wide range of use cases and benefits.



Invest to Earn

When investments happen, Incubator will charge protocol fee as X% of investment amount from every investor automatically. Based on the incentive program, X% of the protocol fee will be repaid to investors in $RICE tokens in future period. Especially, in the early promotion period, the repaid % of RICE will be the largest, up to 100%!

Write to Earn

DAO² is a community-driven media creation and dissemination platform under DAOSquare, focusing on research, analysis, and insight into decentralized ventures and startups. It allows members in the DAOSquare community to earn $RICE for their writing.$RICE rewards consists of two parts: a) Based on the quality of selected articles, 10-50 $RICE will be rewarded to the writers. b) Additional 10-50 $RICE rewards will be distributed based on the positive reactions from readers on MuseX.

Promote to Earn

WhaleDAO is a subDAO of DAOSquare that specializes in promoting web3 and crypto projects. Participating the events or promoting activities may have chance to earn $RICE as reward.

Participate to Earn

There are various ways to earn $RICE by participating and contributing in the DAOSquare community.
1) Quiz to Earn
2) Work to Earn
3) Share to Earn
4) Govern to Earn
5) Active to Earn


$RICE Questions

What's the total supply of $RICE?
The total suppy of $RICE is 100,000,000. You can check the details of it on Etherscan.
What percentage of the team, community, and investors?
In $RICE's distribution plan, there are four components: community, investors, foundation, and core contributors. Of these, 50% are community (including incubator and community incentives, liquidity, etc.), 20% are investors, 15% are foundation, and 15% are core contributors. Read the $RICE Paper for more information.
What‘s the release schedule of $RICE?
Here's a quick primer on the release cycle of $RICE.Investors: 1% release for each investment generated by the incubator in the first year of the incubator being live. The second year the incubator is live, the remaining allocation is released linearly over a 6 month period.Core contributors: 2 years cliff and 1 year vesting.Read the $RICE Paper for more information.
Which chain supplies $RICE?
$RICE is issued on the Ethereum mainet, so it circulates on the Ethereum mainet. We also bridge a portion of $RICE to the Gnosis network to run community rewards and events. So, $RICE currently circulates on the Gnosis network as well. Here are the smart contract addresses for $RICE on both networks.
Ethereum Mainet
Gnosis Network